Additional commercial uses
Non-alcoholic beverages
Green tea extracts are already used in functional beverages for their antioxidant properties, but the leader of the Urbana-Champaign research at the University of Illinois, Dr. Elvira de Mejia, believes máte tea could bring even greater functional benefits: ‘The beverage industry can really take advantage of máte tea to add concentrated antioxidants to juices or teas’.
A successful example: Honest Tea.
A U.S. firm uses Kraus organic yerba máte to produce four types of organic non-alcoholic beverages: Berry-Máte, Agave- Máte, Lime- Máte and Mango- Máte.

Alcoholic beverages
A successful example: MateVeza
Created by Jim Woods (San Francisco, USA) yerba máte beer launched in November 2006. This is the first beer brewed with yerba máte in the world. Kraus organic yerba is used as an ingredient, adding an exotic flavor that results in a delicious beer.
Dietary supplements based on Yerba Máte
Yerba máte helps detoxify the body, metabolizes fat, controls hunger, retards aging and increases energy levels without the negative effects characteristic of caffeinated beverages. Natural and effective, Yerba Máte aids in weight loss and weight control.
A successful example: Top Leaf.
A small American company offers dietary supplements based on Kraus organic raw material for those who value the benefits of yerba máte in the form of capsules. It also sells chocolates blends with yerba máte.